This page is created with the requests of many customers, so that you have the opportunity, together with other customers interested in buying a truck with pellet, to be able to separate the pallets(10 or 28 pallets per truck). This method of purchase offers a cheaper cost of pellets compared to the purchase of several pallets by one consumer.

We suggest you register without any obligation, and you can unsubscribe at any time from the list. When other people near you (the distance is usually 10-15 km) are registered, and you formed a group, at this stage you can buy pellets in the most profitable way.

As soon as you register, you will be notified about the contact group of your region, and you will have the opportunity to contact other interested consumers to organize a group purchase

Having reached the number of pallets that make up a full truck, an order is formed. You tell us about the readiness and complete the purchase. After the order has been completed the goods are delivered to one destination (2-3 if they are close to each other). For unloading, a forklift is required that raises at least 12 centners and a sufficiently wide space for maneuvering the vehicle.